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“Love this magazine for its unique take on luxury. The post on pets made my day and I agree that the best dog deserves a luxury bed from Good Night Dog, and no expense should be spared to provide a good night's sleep for your favorite canine! The food and wine sections are fabulous, and my wife always reads the fashion pages. This is a hit in my house!”
- Carlo Spinelli, Isla Vista, CA

“Bravo, In Buona Salute Magazine! This is the best thing that has happened to the Italian-American culture in years.”
- Richard Vannucci, Castro Valley, CA

The first issue of In Buona Salute Magazine hit news stands and mailboxes this September, and what a reception we have received!

The magazine promises to be a balanced publication of issues and interests for anyone with an appreciation for Italian culture. It is well written, professionally designed and an unbiased source for news and entertainment related to Italian-Americans; from antipasti to zucchero and all things in between. With your help, In Buona Salute Magazine™ will quickly become the premier magazine of Italian culture in the United States.

This issue marks a milestone in history for Italian-Americans. The timing of its release coincides with Italian-American Heritage Month and Columbus Day events throughout our area. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate who we are, and support our Italian-American community. Join our family by picking up an issue copy at your local news stand, or click the link below and subscribe now! Grazie Mille.

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September/October 2007
Release Date: September 15, 2007
This first edition of In Buona Salute Magazine is proud to feature:

The Fior d’Italia (Pages 16-19):
Get the history behind America’s oldest Italian restaurant.

The Crush (Pages 26-31):
It’s winemaking time in the valleys, and Italian winemakers are using old world traditions to make new world wines.

Tommy Lasorda (Pages 32-34):
The story behind this baseball legend’s affection for his father, and his legacy of Italian wine.

The Festa of La Madonna del Lume (Pages 44-46): An ancient ritual for blessing of the fishing fleet at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.
Mario Suraci (Pages 48,49 & 59):
The Bay Area Italian-American jazz legend is at the helm of his musical career.

.....and much more...

In addition to in-depth feature articles in every issue of Salute Magazine, you’ll find a variety of regular departments filled with interesting content.

In Buona Salute Departments

• Letters to the Editor
    - Hear it from the readers.
• Coffee House Guide
    - A list of local java shops.
• La Cucina
    - Recipes and food reviews.
• What I didn’t know...
    - New findings from our Editor-At-Large.
• Travel to Italy & Italy in America
    - On the streets of the old country and the new world.
• Bravo! Brava!
    - The arts, Italian style.
• History Lesson & Timeline
    - Significant dates and achievements in Italian-American history.
• Restaurant Guide
    - The local guide to where to fill your pasta hole!
• In Buona Salute
    - “In Good Health” after our masthead.
• From the Vine
    - Wine reviews and recommendations from those who know best.
• Signatures
    - Little things that make Italian-Americans unique.
• Collar & Habit
    - Topics from the local clergy
• The Pulse
    - Calendar of Events, Festivals, etc.
• Book Reviews
    - Get the scoop on reading materials for Italian-Americans
• Grow With Us
    - Salute’s special gardening series
• Parlate Italiano?
    - Learn to speak Italian with quick and easy lessons for the traveler and linguist.


Unfortunately this lively and informative magazine is no longer being published.